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Urology Department

The department specializes in treating urologic oncology patients by cooperating with other specialists of urologic oncology, radiation therapists, and chemotherapists in order to ensure the best treatment results for the patients.

The specialists of the department carry out conventional and laparoscopic surgeries. 35% out of 200 kidney tumour surgeries carried out annually are organ preserving surgeries. In case of urinary bladder tumours, the treatment of patients includes uro-endoscopic surgeries and radical surgeries with a possibility of creating an artificial bladder.

The patients of the department are ensured all the necessary examinations.
Combined therapy is also used in the treatment process, using radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

The physicians of the Urology Department provide out-patient consultations as well. 13,000 out-patients with different urologic/oncologic diseases are accepted and examined per year.


Head of the Department Māris Jakubovskis

Urologists: Samuils Gordins, Arkādijs Meniss, Sergejs Beketovs, Igors Zamullo, Ivars Kukulis.

All the physicians participate in studies related to the new possibilities of treating urologic/oncologic diseases. The physicians of the department supplement their knowledge on a regular basis by participating in international congresses in Europe, USA, and Russia. All the physicians are members of the European Society of Urology.

  • Head of the Department Māris Jakubovskis
  • Nodaļas kolektīvs
  • Dr. Samuils Gordins
  • Dr. Arkādijs Meniss
  • Dr. Igors Zamullo
  • Dr. Sergejs Beketovs
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