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Uniform patient registration for appointment

Uniform patient registration for appointment

Information Centre specialists of RIGA EAST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL carry out registration for appointment with specialists and examinations in all clinical centres of RIGA EAST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL: “Gaiļezers”, “Oncology Centre of Latvia”, “Latvian Centre of Infectious Diseases”, “Centre of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases”, provide contact information about the availability of specialists and their visiting hours.

To register for out-patient specialist consultation and/or diagnostic radiology examinations, or to refuse from the previous registration, you can choose the most convenient contact method for you:

Call (+371) 67000610

  •     working hours: on workdays from 8:00 to 18.00
  •     we offer a call-back service

Fill in an application form

To share your opinion on the activity or services of RIGA EAST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL and express suggestions for its improvement, fill in

An e-application form: HERE


E-applications are processed in the order of reception. Usually, the processing period is 2 business days following the reception.


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