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Taking into account that only precise understanding of disease will allow progress in health care and individual, personalized patient care and treatment, Riga East University Hospital, Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital, Children Clinical University Hospital, representing 95% of overall patients flow, with support of Latvian Academy of Sciences, have taken a common decision to create a State-of-the art Pathology Centre in Latvia. The project is supported by the Ministry of Health.

It would operate in three main directions – provision of infrastructure for implementation of high-quality scientific projects, education possibilities for healthcare specialists and trainees and provision of personalized healthcare and optimal treatment for every patient.

A State-of-the art pathology centre will need to be provided with specific high quality equipment. However, Latvian Government State has strongly limited possibilities to provide necessary financial resources in order to procure needed equipment.

We invite you to explore your possibilities to provide any kind of support (e.g. equipment) and to cooperate in development of the State-of-the Art Pathology Centre.
Leading Latvian pathologists, represented by Latvian Pathologists Association and leading University hospitals, have prepared the list of optional equipment.

Please find enclosed the list of optional equipment.

In case if you will have specific technical questions, please, do not hesitate to contact asoc. Prof. Sergejs Isajevs, MD, PhD, the representative of Latvian Pathologists’ Association, email: .


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