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Scientific Institution

RIGA EAST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL as a Scientific Institution was founded and registered in the Register of Scientific Institutions on March 27, 2006.

In accordance with the decree of RoL CM No.101 of February 21, 2012 “On Creation of the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and Restructuring of State Administration Institutions Subordinated to the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture”, RIGA EAST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL took over the functions of the state agency “Latvian Centre of Infectious Diseases” in the area of scientific activity as from April 02, 2012. Thus, the state agency “Latvian Centre of Infectious Diseases as a scientific institution registered in the Register of Scientific Institutions on April 06, 2006, stopped its existence.

The Company has high scientific potential – 83 doctors of science.

The Company as a scientific institution is widely involved in the area of academic (fundamental and applied) and clinical studies, as well as in observations of the use of drugs and clinical trials of medical devices. The Company plays important role in the implementation of projects related to the study process, which are necessary within the development of study programmes (for students, residents, doctoral students).

Institutions registered in the Register of Scientific Institutions are bound by the Law on Scientific Activity, including the following:

a condition that an institution has to have at least five persons with a doctoral degree in science in a direction of research that conforms to the activities of the institution;

a Scientific Council operates in a commercial company that performs scientific activity, the scope of competence of which includes the election of persons to academic positions.

On June 12, 2013 the Science Division organized a general meeting of scientists working in the Company, in order to consider an issue regarding new elections of Company’s Scientific Council, representation in this Council and other issues related thereto (Regulations on the Scientific Council of RIGA EAST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, Regulations on Elections of the Scientific Council of RIGA EAST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL).

During the general meeting of Company’s scientists on September 05, 2013 the new Scientific Council which comprised 16 scientists with a doctoral degree in medical science was elected.

The Science Division together with the newly-elected Scientific Council prepares the legal base for the election of academic personnel in the Company. A discussion is taking place on the prepared draft document “Regulations on Academic Positions at RIGA EAST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL”. 

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