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The potential of the scientific work in RIGA EAST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, including specialized centres in its structure, where patients from across Latvia receive treatment, is very great. And over the last three years significant progress could be observed in this field.

Specialists of RIGA EAST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL are involved in projects of the first National Research Programme “Scientific Study of Major Pathologies Threatening Life Expectancy and Quality of Life of the Population of Latvia by Means of Multi-Disciplinary Research Consortium”.

The project of the European Social Fund, within the framework of which doctoral students and young scientists of both University of Latvia and Riga Stradiņš University had a chance to receive scholarship for performance of scientific work on a competition basis, is highly crucial for supporting the scientific work of young specialists.

Specialists of RIGA EAST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL regularly use opportunities to apply for scientific grants and participate in scientific consortiums. Doctors (particularly young doctors) regularly participate in international events, particularly with their reports.

Several international seminars with significant involvement of foreign specialists have been organized at RIGA EAST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL as well.

Despite that the main aim of the Science Division is not organization of clinical trials of drugs, the Science Division is involved in creation of a unified system for organization of such studies at RIGA EAST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL. The register of clinical studies has been created and is supplemented on a regular basis.

Last update: 2017.01.06 - 15:28