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Other Studies

National Research Programme

Projects that are being implemented and have been accomplished within the framework of the National Research Programme include the following:

NRP Programme No.8, Project No.3 “Development of New Diagnostic Methods for Determination of Risk Factors of Malignant Tumours, Early Diagnostics of Tumours and Precancerous Conditions, and Optimization of Tumour Therapy” (2006-2010);

NRP Programme No.8, Project No.4 “Inherited Tumours, Development of the Strategy for Their Clinical and Molecular Research, Prevention, and Early Diagnostics” (2006-2010);

NRP Programme No.4, Project No.9 “Interaction between Infectious Agents and Genetic Background of the Host Organism” (2012).

ERDF projects

Partner in the ERDF project of the University of Latvia “Development of a Method of Diagnostics of Genetic and Serological Biomarkers for Early Identification of Autoimmune Gastrointestinal Disease with High Risk of Cancer Threat in Patients with Autoimmune Illnesses” No.2010/0302/2DP/

Partner in the ERDF project of the Ministry of Education and Science “Creation of a Unified Latvian Academic Network of National Significance for Ensuring Scientific Activity” No.2DP/

ESF projects

Participation in the ESF project of the University of Latvia “Cross-Disciplinary Research Group of Early Diagnostics and Elimination of Tumours” No.2009/0220/1DP/ (namely – participation in the implementation of the pilot study of colorectal cancer)

Grants of the Latvian Council of Science

Projects funded by the Latvian Council of Science:

  • Quantitative and Functional Indices of Effector Mechanisms of Peripheral Blood Cell Immunity in Patients with Gastrointestinal Tract Cancer, No.05.1826;
  • Molecular Studies of Genetic Predisposition to Oncological Gynaecological Diseases, No.05.1632.1;
  • “Latest Strategies for Prevention of Cardiomyopathy and Neuropathy of Anti-HIV Therapy”.


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