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Oncology Centre of Latvia

The Oncology Centre of Latvia is the leading institution for care of oncology patients in Latvia with 70 years of experience in the research and treatment of oncological diseases.

The Oncology Centre of Latvia carries out the comprehensive treatment of malignant tumours – surgical treatment, radiation therapy, radionuclide therapy, medicated therapy (tumour chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy), as well as treatment of benign tumours and non-oncological diseases, if required.

The clinical centre carries out the radiofrequency ablation of liver metastases, formation of nephrostomes, and body scintigraphy with tumotropic radiopharmaceuticals.

The Department of Palliative Care actively operates by carrying out palliative and symptomatic treatment of serious, nearly incurable oncology patients (at late stages of oncological diseases), analgesic therapy, providing psychological assistance to patients and their relatives. 

Chief physician of the clinical centre is Viesturs Krūmiņš, head nurse is Inta Laže.


The in-patient department is located at 4 Hipokrāta Street, Riga.

Reception desk 67000610

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