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Nursing Staff Education


The Education Division of Riga East Clinical University Hospital organizes activities for further education of medical persons and medical assistance persons (nurses, doctor’s assistants, nursing assistants, biomedical laboratory assistants, radiologist’s assistants) by promoting their professional growth, improvement and maintenance of professional skills.

Mastering of further education programmes paid by the hospital is annually ensured to 30 nurses and nursing assistants in the amount of 20 credit points, thus maintaining the register, certification and re-certification of nursing staff. The aim of the Education Division is to stimulate personal responsibility of each nursing staff worker for participation in further education activities, preservation of received certificates and statements.

The Education Division promotes creation of new further education programmes, and improvement and re-attestation of existing programmes in Latvian Association of Nurses according to the specifics and profile of in-patient departments, clinics and divisions of Riga East Clinical University Hospital.

Based on principal and additional specialities of nurses working in in-patient departments of the hospital, the Education Division creates further education modules, in order to facilitate the selection of further education activities according to the speciality and to facilitate the process of re-registration and re-certification.

Based on the register of further education activities of nursing staff and further education modules of nursing staff, the Education Division, in cooperation with chief nurses of in-patient departments of the hospital / senior nurses of clinics/divisions, uses surveys to identify the need for further education activities of nursing staff in in-patient departments of the hospital, which are necessary for re-registration and re-certification.

Last update: 2014.08.28 - 22:30