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Medical Devices Handling Department

The main function of the Medical Devices Handling Department is to process medical devices (surgical instruments and materials), prepare them for use and supply them to all the health care units of RIGA EAST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL. Processing and preparation stages comprise the entire set of internationally determined functions of such departments – transportation of contaminated instruments and materials, cleaning of medical devices, their disinfection, verification of technical condition, maintenance, completion, packaging, sterilization, storage, and supply of sterile products to users.

Medical Devices Handling Department over a year they prepare up to 75,000 of sets of instruments of different complexity for performing surgeries, manufacture up to 1,200,000 sets of materials and instruments for performing care manipulations in in-patient and out-patient departments.

The Clinical Centre „Gailezers” division of the Medical Devices Handling Department is the most progressive in terms of technology and is able to ensure all the processes required in the processing of medical devices.

Along with the fulfilment of its direct duties, the Medical Devices Handling Department personnel of the Clinical Centre „Gailezers” also carries out the research of different new materials and technological processing possibilities. The aim of this research is to achieve higher safety degree during the preparation of instruments, verifying the true possibilities and conformity of materials and technological processing devices at the same time. In case of satisfactory results, the researched materials and technologies are introduced in practice.

The personnel of the Medical Devices Handling Department comprises members of the Infection Control and Sterilization Association and members of the international association WFHSS (World Forum for Hospital Sterile Supply).

In cooperation with the management of the Surgery Block of the Clinical Centre „Gailezers”, the management of the Medical Devices Handling Department has developed the profession standard for medical device processing personnel, the first education programme for medical device processing personnel in the Republic of Latvia, and recommendation for the good practice of turnover of medical devices.

The personnel of the Medical Devices Handling Department carries out international activities as well – as members of the working group, within the framework of EU Leonardo da Vinci programme, within the framework of the project VEDAS (Vocational Education for Disinfection and Sterilization), develop the chapters of international education programmes.


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