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Department of Gynaecology

The department specializes in the diagnostics and surgical treatment of gynaecological/oncologic diseases.
The department provides treatment to patients with malignant tumours of the vulva, vagina, cervix, uterine body, uterine tubes, and ovaries, trophoblastic diseases, as well as patients with recurrent tumours. The treatment of these tumours requires certain skills for lymphadenectomies of pelvic and para-aortic lymph nodes, as well as resections of inguinal-femoral lymph nodes, which are considered to be the standard procedures for accurate determination of the tumour stage and selection of further therapy tactics.

In certain cases, the specialists of the department perform trachelectomies (removal of the uterine cervix) for young women with cervical cancer, for whom the reproductive function must be preserved; the specialists of the department are the only ones in Latvia having the experience in the therapy of gynaecological tumours for patients diagnosed with the tumour during pregnancy.

Laparoscopic total hysterectomies are carried out in case of microinvasive cancer of the cervix with adnexa, as well as in case of different gynaecological precancerous diseases. Patients with breast cancer, according to the conclusion of the board of doctors, may undergo bilateral ovariectomy with total hysterectomy, as well as hysteroresectoscopy, abrasions of the uterine cavity, electro-excisions of the cervix, cervical biopsies, aspiration of the uterine cavity, punctures of the abdominal cavity (to reduce ascites).

On average, the Department of Gynaecology annually performs 1,000 surgeries, without taking into account abrasions of the uterine cavity and electro-excisions of the cervix. Most of the surgeries are performed for patients with oncologic diseases (approximately 80-90% of gynaecological oncology patients registered in Latvia undergo surgeries in the department).

Department’s advantage is its close cooperation with the specialists from the surgery department in the field of surgery of ovarian tumours and recurrent tumours, which allows performing radical surgical manipulations to achieve the optimum treatment result. Twice a week, the boards of physicians are organized with the participation of a radiation therapist, a chemotherapist, and specialists of the Department of Gynaecology to discuss the progress of surgical treatment and take a decision on the possibilities of further therapy.

The department carries out extensive ultrasound examinations of organs of the abdominal cavity and lesser pelvis, as well as computed tomography, MRI, fibre optic gastroscopy, and fibre optic colonoscopy, if necessary.

The department provides planned assistance only, which the patient may receive after an out-patient appointment with the gynaecologist in the Admission Department of the In-patient Department “Latvian Oncology Centre”. Routinely, fee-based surgeries and surgical manipulations are also carried out in the department. Fee-based manipulations apply to patients with benign diseases.

The Department of Gynaecology of the Latvian Oncology Centre is the only place in Latvia where young gynaecology and obstetrics specialists are prepared for the identification and timely diagnostics of oncologic diseases.

Head of the Department: Dr. Androniks Mitiļdžans
Studies precancerous diseases of the cervix, possibilities of using colposcopy in treating precancerous diseases of the cervix.

Doctors of the department

Dr. Zenons Romanovskis Dr. Ella Ņesterenko Dr. Guļmira Van Lubēka


Dr. Aksana Evart

Dr. Līga Puksta-Gulbe

Dr. Arta Spridzāne


Head Nurse 
Lidija Lapiņa


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