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Department of Clinical Medical Physics and Dosimetry

Modern therapeutic radiology is a complex and consecutive process involving several medicine specialists: radiologists/therapists, medicine physicists, radiologist’s assistants, and electronic engineers.

The Department of Clinical Medical Physics and Dosimetry is a treatment support department fulfilling the following functions:

  • planning of doses of radiation therapy;
  • ensuring the development of individual radiation plans of the therapy prescribed to patients by radiologists/therapists, using modern planning equipment, programmes, and methods;
  • creating standard and non-standard immobilization devices. To facilitate the position of a patient and maintenance of body’s position during each session of radiation therapy, auxiliary devices are created to ensure patients’ convenience and accuracy of radiation input;
  • computer-assisted topometry and virtual simulations. The planning of radiation therapy requires information on patient’s anatomy to adjust the individual distribution of the dose of ionising radiation;
  • conventional RTG simulations. The department carries out modelling of radiation therapy plans prior to commencing the irradiation treatment, by using simulation equipment;
  • irradiation treatments. The department carries irradiation of patients according to the individual plans of radiation therapy;
  • dosimetry and quality assessment of individual plans. By using dosimetry equipment, the specialists of the department ensure and verify the conformity accuracy of a radiation therapy plan;
  • ensuring the quality of radiation therapy devices. The specialists of the department carry out regular measurements of mechanical and dosimetric parameters, as well as continuous supervision during the entire period of operation of devices;
  • dosimetry of the working environment and personnel. The specialists of the department ensure dosimetry control of the working environment in the area of therapeutic radiology, as well as individual dosimetry control of the personnel. They control environment pollution in nuclear medicine and manage radioactive waste;
  • in cooperation with the Diagnostic Radiology Centre, the specialists of the department ensure regular checks of the entire X-ray equipment and provide other services necessary for safety;
  • supervision of radiation safety according to the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.

Head of the Department of Clinical Medical Physics and Dosimetry: Raimonds Dreimanis

Last update: 2020.05.12 - 11:31