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Department of Chest Surgery

The department specializes in the diagnostics and treatment of acute and chronic, inflammatory, dishormonal, benign and malignant, as well as acquired and hereditary diseases of the breast of all ages.

The physicians of the department are involved in a multidisciplinary breast unit, which includes chemotherapists, radiation therapists, radiologists/diagnosticians, and pathologists. Multidisciplinary boards of doctors are organized to take decisions regarding the most suitable treatment tactics for the patient.

The Department of Chest Surgery provides surgical assistance to over 75% of Latvian patients with tumour/cancer. Over 2,000 surgeries are carried out per year.

Preserving surgeries that are used in both oncoplastic and reconstructive surgeries prevail in the treatment of breast cancer. Biopsies of a sentinel lymph node (after the scintigraphy of the lymphatic system) are widely used (according to indications), which allows avoiding lymphadenectomies in most cases, thus decreases the possibility of occurrence of lymphostasis and other postoperative complications.

All physicians of the department consult patients in the out-patients’ department of the hospital “Latvian Oncology Centre”. There is also the possibility of performing all the necessary examinations within one day.


Head of the Department: candidate for a Asoc. Prof. Jānis Eglītis, Chief Oncology Specialist of Riga East Clinical University Hospital


The personnel of the department include doctors with vast experience in the field of mammography.
Doctors: Jurijs Sorokins, Egils Purmalis, Andrejs Srebnijs, Mihails Timofejevs.

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  • Nodaļas vadītājs asoc. prof. Jānis Eglītis
  • Dr. Mihails Timofejevs
  • Dr. Jurijs Sorokins
  • Dr. Egils Purmalis
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