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Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care

In the department, patients are provided with anaesthesiologist’s consultations, different types of anaesthesia, intensive care, as well as receive emergency assistance in the structural units of the In-patient Department “Latvian Oncology Centre”.

The department is equipped with modern anaesthesia systems, patient supervision systems, artificial lung ventilation systems, and medication input systems. The physicians and nurses of the department are highly qualified, carry out scientific activity, and regularly broaden their knowledge in Latvian and international professional development courses and seminars.

On average, anaesthesia is ensured to patients in 5,500 cases – general anaesthesia or anesthetic condition (endotracheal anaesthesia; endobronchial anaesthesia with one-lung ventilation or high-frequency ventilation; intravenous anaesthesia; laryngeal mask) and local anaesthesia (spinal, epidural, spinal/epidural, tract anaesthesia); the latest means of anaesthesia are used.

Intensive care.

After extensive surgeries, patients are placed in the intensive care wards where they receive necessary therapy – intravenous and epidural anaesthesia, parenteral and enteral nutrition, artificial lung ventilation, antibacterial therapy, etc. On average, 2,500 patients annually undergo treatment in the department of intensive care.

Post-anaesthetic care room.

After minor surgeries, patients are woken up in the post-anaesthetic care roomswards located in the department of intensive care.

In this room, the patient is supervised by an anaesthesiologist and a specially trained anaesthetic nurse for several hours after the anaesthesia and provide necessary pain relief and treatment. The patient is transferred to the surgery department for further treatment once he or she complies with the discharge criteria. The anaesthesiologist provides recommendations on further treatment, if necessary.


Head of the Department: Ausma Strautmane

Doctors: Viktors Gorovenko, Leonīds Gurbo, Aija Krastiņa, Anda Krastiņa, Ilona Kreice, Lilita Malaha, Baiba Pauliņa, Ēriks Purmalis, Aigars Senkāns, Jeļena Sokolova, Dr. Med. Ilze Šalma, Ilana Šapiro

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  • Dr. Aigars Senkans
  • Dr. Aija Krastiņa
  • Dr. Ēriks Purmalis
  • Dr. Leonīds Gurbo
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