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Department of Abdominal and Soft Tissue Surgery

The department, which includes 55 beds, carries out the largest number of surgeries in Latvia for patients with pancreas, liver, stomach, and large intestine tumours. In case of complicated pathologies, surgeries are carried out together with the specialists of other areas of surgery (gynaecological oncologists, urologists, maxillofacial surgeons, and microsurgeons). Over 1700 surgeries are annually carried out in the department.

The physicians of the department carry out surgeries for patients with tumours of the oesophagus, stomach, large intestine and rectum, pancreas, liver, and soft tissues, as well as reconstructive surgeries of intestines. This department is the only facility in Latvia that carries out oesophagus, stomach, and large intestine surgeries with extended lymphadenectomies (D2 and D3).

Over the last years, the number of laparoscopic surgeries performed on patients with large intestinelarge intestine and rectum tumours, as well as liver neoplasms, has increased. Modern seaming equipment and the newest surgery technologies (harmonic scalpel, ultrasonic aspiration scalpel, bipolar radiofrequency device Habib) are widely used in surgeries. Plastic surgeries are carried out in cooperation with microsurgeons to hide large defects of the skin and soft tissues. In case of melanoma, physicians use the method of determining a sentinel lymph node to assess the volume of a radical surgery more precisely.

The physicians of the department closely cooperate with the specialists of the In-patient Department “Latvian Oncology Centre” – radiologists/diagnosticians, chemotherapists, radiologists/therapists, which ensures the most effective treatment of patients compliant with the global guidelines.


Deputy Head of the Department, Head of the Surgical Oncology Clinic, Doctor of Medicine Armands Sīviņš, carries out all types of surgeries; specializes in liver, pancreas, oesophagus, large intestine, and stomach surgeries; carries out surgeries with extended lymphadenectomies (D2, D3, para-aortic) as well as laparoscopic surgeries.

Doctors of the department:

chief physician of the In-patient Department “Latvian Oncology Centre” Viesturs Krūmiņš, specializes in liver, stomach, large intestine, and rectum surgeries; carries out surgeries with extended lymphadenectomies and laparoscopic surgeries;

Doctor of Medicine, lecturer of the Academic Department of Surgery at the Medicine Faculty of the University of Latvia Sergejs Januškevičs, specializes in large intestine, rectum, oesophagus, and stomach surgeries, as well as lymphadenectomies;

Vladimirs Šalajevs, carries out soft tissue and gastrointestinal tract surgeries;

Roberts Škapars, carries out gastrointestinal (also laparoscopic) and soft tissue surgeries;

Ieva Vidmane-Ozola, carries out splenectomies, gastrointestinal (also laparoscopic) and soft tissue surgeries;

Ilga Klestrupe, carries out soft tissue surgeries;

Guntis Ancāns;

Sergejs Gerķis;

Andrejs Pčolkins.

Studies are also carried out in the department; three physicians of the department are taking their doctoral studies, summarizing and analysing data on stomach, large intestine, and liver tumours, as well as splenectomies. The physicians of the department reflect their experience in scientific publications and reports, while supplementing it by undergoing training in foreign clinics.

  • Nodaļas vadītāja p.i. dr. med. Armands Sīviņš
  • Ārsts Guntis Ancāns
  • Ārsts Roberts Škapars
  • Ārsts Sergejs Januškevičs
  • Ārste Ilga Klestrupe
  • Ārsts Vladimirs Šalajevs
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