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Day In-patient Department of Surgery

In the Day In-patient Department of Surgery, surgeries are performed by experienced leading surgeons of the In-Patient Department “Gaiļezers”. Availability of the day in-patient department in a multi-field university hospital guarantees surgery patients the most qualitative surgical treatment, using modern innovative technologies currently used across the world.

In addition to surgeries in the Day In-patient Department of Surgery, patients are ensured wide possibilities of undergoing additional and most complicated examinations and manipulations with consultations by doctors of different specializations in case of unclear diagnosis or complications.

General and specialized surgeries are performed in the Day In-patient Department of Surgery.

How to prepare for a surgery?

Before being admitted to the day in-patient department, an out-patient consultation by an anaesthesiologist is recommended and all examinations assigned by the surgeon or anaesthesiologist and urine analysis are to be performed. 

How to register for a surgery?

The date of the surgery is determined by an attending surgeon; therefore, it is necessary to register for a consultation by the surgeon by phone 67000610. The surgery may be planned several weeks before the consultation. If a patient registers for a chargeable surgery with the particular specialist, it can be performed without waiting in a queue.

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