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Day In-patient Department of Neurology and Diagnostics

In the Day In-patient Department of Neurology and Diagnostics, fast and qualitative examination and treatment are provided to the inhabitants of Latvia and other countries without any queues and referrals.

Patients are admitted to the day in-patient department:

  • for regular health examination;
  • in case of pain of different origins and localizations (headaches, back-aches, muscle and joint aches, nerve pain);
  • in case of balance disorders, dizziness, coordination disorders;
  • in case of functional disorders of the vegetative nervous system, for instance, palpitation of the heart, shortness of breath, sweating, shiver, blood pressure fluctuations;
  • in case of different movement disorders;
  • in case of feeling disorders, for instance, numbness in arms and legs;
  • in case of memory, perception, concentration and sleep disorders.

All the said symptoms may be not only the manifestation of a neurological disease, but also the signs of damage of internal organs and endocrine system.

The day in-patient department ensures a possibility of organizing consultations by any specialist (endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, therapist, surgeon, neurosurgeon, angiosurgeon, gynaecologist, urologist, oculist, ENT specialist, psychiatrist), as well as a possibility of asking for consultations by highly qualified neurology specialists in case of unclear complicated diseases.

The following is used in diagnostics in the day in-patient department:

  • magnetic resonance,
  • computed tomography,
  • ultrasonoscopic examination of blood vessels;
  • electroencephalography,
  • electromyography,
  • echocardiography, bicycle ergometrics, Holter monitoring,
  • osteodensitometry,
  • roentgenologic examinations,
  • ultrasonoscopy for examination of internal organs,
  • fibre optic gastroscopy,
  • clinical analyses (blood test, urine analysis, hormone level analysis, etc.).

In parallel to the examinations, the day in-patient department ensures immediate treatment (injections, i/v infusions, blockages, medicated therapy, physical therapy treatments). The day in-patient department provides a possibility of performing minor surgeries (extirpation of cutaneous and subcutaneous benign formations, revision of the carpal canal). Upon the discharge from the department, further treatment and rehabilitation plan is compiled for the patient.

Patients spend just a part of the day for diagnostics and treatment in the day in-patient department, thus continuing daily activities at home or, in separate cases, also at work. If necessary, a sick-leave sheet is issued. The in-patient department offers a possibility of accommodation in double, 4-person and 5-person wards, as well as in high-service single wards.

Approximately 800 patients have received assistance in the day in-patient department over a year.

Working hours of the day in-patient department: on weekdays from 8.00 till 16.00, agreeing the time of admission by phone 7042988 or 7042846


Head of the day in-patient department: Rūta Ozoliņa, certified neurologist, specialization in emergency neurology

Doctors: certified neurologist Sandra Ārmane, specialization in emergency neurology

certified neurologist Ieva Paegle, specialization in the diagnostics and treatment of neurovascular and neurodegenerative diseases (early memory disorders, Alzheimer’s diseases, etc.).

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