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Clinical Centre “Gailezers”

Clinical Centre “Gailezers” is the largest multi-field emergency medicine institution in Latvia. Over a year, the Clinical Centre “Gailezers” provides emergency and planned medical assistance to more than 38 thousand patients.

The main areas of activity of the Clinical Centre “Gailezers”:

  • diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations of invasive cardiology are carried out – coronography and coronary angioplasty. Diagnostic invasive angiographies and invasive surgeries, including non-invasive surgeries, are carried out in the laboratory of invasive radiology. The Clinical Centre “Gailezers” is the only place in Latvia, where transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunts (TIPS) are carried out.

  • diagnostics and treatment of renal diseases, and renal replacement therapy

Hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and hemofiltration are carried out.

  • reconstructive surgery and microsurgery

The only place in Latvia where complicated microsurgeries (also replantation of body parts lost as a result of traumas) and breast reconstruction surgeries for patients who have lost the breast as a result of surgical treatment of breast tumour are carried out.

  • toxicology and sepsis

Treatment is ensured to surgical and therapeutic patients with sepsis problems, emergency treatment is ensured to patients with intoxication with medicinal products, drugs, alcohol, different household and other chemical substances from across the country.

  • traumatology and orthopaedics

The only place in Latvia that ensures highly-qualified comprehensive assistance to patients with polytraumas and where traumatology, general surgery, neurosurgery, reanimatology, radiological diagnostics, and other specialists work in one team.

  • general and emergency surgery

The largest emergency surgical assistance provider in Latvia that ensures the care of acute and emergency surgical patients, including oncology patients, 24/7. The only specialized coloproctology department operates in the Clinical Centre “Gailezers”.

  • neurology and neurosurgery

Assistance is provided to patients with different neurological diseases. A specialized Stroke Unit, Epilepsy Unit and Multi-drug Resistant Tuberculosis Unit are operating in the hospital, ensuring full-cycle treatment and care to patients.

  • diagnostics and treatment of internal diseases

Chief physician: dr. Linda Peiča

Head nurse: Kristīne Bondareva


Address: 2 Hipokrāta, Riga, LV-1038

Reception desk 67000610
Clinic of Emergency Medicine and Patient Admission 67041001, 67041002
Centre of Poisoning and Drug Information: 67042473

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