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Clinical Centre „Bikernieki”

The Clinical Centre „Bikernieki” provides high-level assistance to patients with burns and frostbites (in the Burn Centre), as well as with geriatric problems (in the Gerontology Centre). The Audiology Department of the Latvian Children's Hearing Centre provides treatment to children with hearing problems. In November 2011 the Ophthalmology Clinic was moved from the Clinical Centre “Gaiļezers” to the Clinical Centre „Bikernieki”, and the Clinic of Surgical Infection was created on 1 February 2013.

Chief physician of the Clinical Centre „Bikernieki” is Daina Zepa

Head nurse Daiga Rudzīte

Clinical Centre „Bikernieki”

68 Lielvārdes, Riga, LV-1006

Reception desk (+371) 67000610

National Burn Centre (+371) 67038277

Gerontology Centre (+371) 67038176, (+371) 67038153

Latvian Children's Hearing Centre (+371) 67038238

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