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Blood Service

The Blood Service of Riga East Clinical University Hospital consists of six Blood Rooms located in every in-patient department. Certified transfusiologists and nurses of the relevant qualification work in all the Blood Rooms.

Blood Service:

  • ensures 24 h transfusiological assistance in Riga East Clinical University Hospital;
  • supervises the rational use of blood component reserves;
  • carries out the determination and analysis of mistakes and accidents that occur during the transfusion of blood components,
  • ensures the regular self-inspections of Blood Rooms according to the quality management requirements and assesses the satisfaction of patients (in-patient departments) by means of surveys,
  • organizes the further education of doctors and other medical persons and patient care personnel in the area of transfusiology in cooperation with the Education Division of the Hospital.

Head of the Blood Service Jelena Rabizo

Last update: 2020.04.01 - 11:09