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Academic Studies

Academic studies carried out in the Company (fundamental and applied studies, scientific works of students) are registered and recorded by the Science Division.

Applications for studies are examined and agreed by the specialist on matters of academic studies of the Science Division, V.Sondore. If necessary, the Specialist may consult applicants on matters of performance of an academic study.

Company’s documents required for performance of studies are prepared by the Science Division and signed by the Chairman of the Board for submission to other institutions that supervise and regulate studies.

Submission and harmonization of studies in the Company:

  • An initiator of a study shall prepare an application for performance of a study in the Company.
  • When preparing an application, it is important to comply with the condition that the Responsible Researcher is a Company’s worker.
  • An application shall be signed by the Responsible Researcher and/or a researcher, if the performer of the study is a student.
  • An application shall be agreed by the head of the department or unit, in which the study is carried out.
  • In his/her application, the initiator of the study shall specify whether permission of the Ethics Committee is required for carrying out an academic study. If such permission is required, a document shall be prepared for submission to the Ethics Committee regarding the consent of the Company to performance of an academic study in the Company.

Number of academic studies in Riga East Clinical University Hospital

Academic studies









The Company issues its consent to performance of a study not later than within two weeks or ten business days.

A application for a study together with additional documents, including description of the study, is to be submitted to the office administrator of the Science Division Ita Sprukule.

e-mail, tel.67040258. Address: 6 Linezera Street, Riga.

Questions regarding performance of academic studies may be asked to the specialist on matters of academic studies, Valentīna Sondore, 


Application for academic research

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