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Hepatobiliary Surgery

A specialized Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary (HPB) Unit has been created at Riga East Clinical University Hospital, taking into account development trends of evidence-based surgical fields and the fact that the number of complicated diseases of bile ducts and pancreas increases, and that these patients form numerically the biggest flow of patients.

Hence, a specialized model of surgical patient care based on timely recognition of complicated patients, starting from the moment when patients are admitted to in-patient departments of Riga East Clinical University Hospital, has been ensured. At the next stage, a precise pathology care strategy is ensured, selecting all the necessary scope of additional diagnostics, such as ultrasonoscopy before the surgery, if required, during the surgery, as well as in order to ensure successful postoperative period.

If required, nuclear magnetic resonance tomography, computed tomography, and endoscopic examination methods are applied. HPB Unit’s activity is organized, based on close cooperation of all the specialists that are to be involved in the care of these patients. The tactic for treatment of each patient is harmonized, ensuring consultations of qualified and specialized surgeons together with ultrasonoscopy and radiology specialists. If required, endoscopy specialists are invited.

Due to that an ultrasonoscopic surgery group was created and endoscopic diagnostics of bile ducts during the surgery was introduced, a new unique possibility has appeared in the surgery of complicated gallstone diseases and pancreas diseases. By performing surgeries in our in-patient department, it is possible to reduce the risk related to difficult endoscopic manipulations and traditional surgery types, and to ensure recovery of the patient within far more shorter period.

Before and after the surgery, the care of serious patients is ensured by the specialists of Intensive Care and Clinic of Toxicology and Sepsis. After in-patient treatment, the patients are provided with an out-patient care model with precise information for the patient and family doctor.

At the out-patient level, HPB Unit specialists provide consultations, and immediate repeated hospitalization is ensured, if required. The entire activity of HPB Unit is aimed at ensuring safety of the patient and all levels of treatment. Moreover, record-keeping and archiving of the results of patient treatment is ensured, in order to be able to precisely restore the clinical situation at the previous stages of treatment, if necessary. HPB Unit is a modern surgery development model providing an opportunity to concentrate high-level surgery, radiology, endoscopy, anaesthesiology and intensive therapy specialists, by ensuring cost-effective specialized treatment aimed at patient’s safety.                                                   

Leading hepatobilliary surgery specialists:

Head of the Clinic of General and Emergency Surgery, prof. Guntars Pupelis

Chief specialist for surgery, dr. med. Haralds Plaudis

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In-patient Department “Latvian Oncology Centre”

Surgical Oncology Clinic

In-patient Department “Gaiļezers”

Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary (HPB) Unit

Clinic of General and Emergency Surgery

Department of Surgery (Department No.10)

Department of Surgery (Department No.13)

Day In-patient Department of Surgery

Oncology Centre of Latvia

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