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General Surgery

Approximately 5500 general surgeries are annually performed at Riga East Clinical University Hospital. Hence, the hospital is currently the largest provider of emergency and planned surgical aid in the country.

Taking into account the rapid advance of technologies and new treatment methods in surgery and medicine in general, the development of specialized treatment directions becomes highly crucial. It is important for the patient to get to the appropriate specialist at the very beginning of the treatment process, since it will significantly accelerate the diagnostics and, hence, it will be possible to start adequate, individualized treatment as quickly as possible.

Riga East Clinical University Hospital as one of the leading providers of medical assistance in the country is aimed at development and defining new specialized treatment directions. Currently, general surgery transforms from an all-embracing field into highly specialized surgery of specific directions, in which application of modern technologies intertwines with application of new and modern examination methods.                                                               

At Riga East Clinical University Hospital, it is possible to receive consultations and treatment from experienced specialists in the following specialized surgery areas:

  • Hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery – treatment of complicated liver, pancreas and bile duct pathologies, including oncological ones (prof. Haralds Plaudis);
  • Upper gastrointestinal tract surgery – treatment of stomach, duodenal and small bowel pathologies, including oncological ones (dr. Agris Rudzāts);
  • Coloproctology – treatment of perineum, rectum and large intestine pathologies, including oncological ones (dr. Zurabs Kecbaja);
  • Endocrine surgery – in cooperation with endocrinology specialists, treatment of pathologies of thyroid, epithelial bodies, adrenal glands and pancreas (dr. Dainis Jakovels, dr. Vladimirs Fokins);
  • Minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgery – surgical treatment of small and large bowel, anterior abdominal wall ruptures and complicated gallstone disease. Diagnostic laparoscopy, surgical endoscopy, etc. (dr. Aleksejs Kaminskis)
  • Ultrasonoscopy-assisted surgery – the only hospital in the country, where it is possible to perform interoperative ultrasonoscopic diagnostics in case of both conventional and laparoscopic surgeries. For the proposes of specifying the diagnosis, it is possible to carry out sonoscopy-controlled punch biopsy as well as drainage treatments for infected and sterile liquid collections (dr. Vladimirs Fokins, dr. Sergejs Žuravļovs).

Where to find?

In-patient Department “Gaiļezers”

Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary (HPB) Unit

Clinic of General and Emergency Surgery

Department of Surgery (Department No.10)

Department of Surgery (Department No.13)

Day In-patient Department of Surgery

In-patient Department “Biķernieki”

Day In-patient Department of Surgery

Department of Surgery

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