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Gastroenterologists provide consultations, diagnose and treat different diseases of digestive system organs (oesophagus, stomach, intestinal canal, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas):

  • chronic gastritis,
  • reflux disease,
  • irritable large bowel syndrome,
  • chronic stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer,
  • diseases of intestinal blood vessels,
  • non-infectious colitis (atony, atrophy), 
  • chronic pancreatitis, 
  • cholecystitis,
  • liver diseases.

Where to find?

In-patient Department “Gaiļezers”

Department of Gastroenterology

Department of Internal Diseases

Clinic of Internal Diseases

Department of Endoscopy

Department of Gastroenterology

Day In-patient Department of Internal Diseases

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