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Endocrine Surgery

The Clinic of General and Emergency Surgery of Riga East Clinical University Hospital includes the Endocrine Surgery Unit, the task of which is to provide specialized and evidence-based services of high quality in the field of endocrine surgery.

The following surgeries are performed in case of most frequently encountered endocrine pathologies:

- thyroid gland formation surgeries;

- epithelial body formation surgeries;

- adrenal gland formation surgeries (as from 2000, minimally invasive – laparoscopic technique is applied).

Before the surgery, there is an opportunity to specify the morphological nature of thyroid nodules (benign or malignant formation), by performing ultrasonoscopy-assisted aspirations and Core biopsy. This examination method is highly crucial for selecting the volume of surgery and reduce the need for repeated surgical interference.

By assessing the indications individually, modern equipment specifically intended for non-traumatic partitioning of tissues – harmonious scalpel, LigaSure – is used during the surgery.

To ensure additional precision of the diagnosis, it is possible to use interoperative ultrasonoscopy; applying this method during the surgery provides a possibility of localizing formations and, hence, ensuring greater safety for the patient during surgical interference. If necessary, there is a possibility of performing biopsy of “cyto” tissues, which ensures a possibility of morphologically assessing the nature of formation (benign or malignant) during the surgery and choose appropriate volume of surgery.

The following leading endocrine surgery specialists provide consultations at the In-patient Department “Gaiļezers” of Riga East Clinical University Hospital: dr. Egils Cunskis, dr. Dainis Jakovels, dr. Vladimirs Fokins.

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