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Emergency Medicine

In which cases is it necessary to seek help from the Emergency Medical Assistance Service?

One should seek help from the Emergency Medical Assistance Service in case of sudden and unforeseen occurrence of life and health threatening disorders. For instance, if a person has consciousness disorders, fast and sudden blood pressure fluctuations, heart function disorders with sudden rhythm and frequency changes or pain, objective respiratory disorders, shortness of breath, sudden sharp pain in the stomach, etc.
Emergency medical assistance is prescribed in the following cases:
accidents, crashes, catastrophes, heavy mechanical, thermal, chemical and complex injuries, electrical injuries, foreign bodies in the respiratory tract, drowning, choking, poisoning;
sudden illness or injury in a public place; - sudden illness or exacerbation of chronic diseases that pose a threat to patient’s life;
cardiovascular disease characterized by pain, choking seizures or dyspnoea, cold sweat, heart function rhythm disorders, faintness;
peripheral vascular diseases characterized by sudden pain in hands or legs, coldness of hands or legs, paleness;
central or peripheral nervous system diseases characterized by sudden consciousness disorders, spasms, faints, headaches or stomach-aches, feeling or movement disorders;
gastrointestinal tract disease characterized by sudden pain in the stomach, vomiting, cold sweat, continuous diarrhoea;
urinary tract disease characterized by sudden pain in the lumbosacral region or acute urination disorders;
acute mental activity disorders characterized by aggressive behaviour or suicide attempt;
life-threatening bleeding of any origin;
life-threatening allergy reactions of any origin;
bronchial asthma seizure;
transportation of a parturient woman to the relevant medical treatment institution;
if emergency transportation of a patient is required according to family doctor’s or specialist’s referral in a condition critical for health and life.

Medical assistance may be requested at the Clinic of Emergency Medicine and Patient Admission of Riga East Clinical University Hospital in other cases as well. Doctors will provide secondary emergency medical assistance and primary examination to patients.

Last update: 2016.06.13 - 13:06