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Riga East Clinical University Hospital provides all types of emergency, planned, out-patient and in-patient assistance to cardiology patients. Specialists and departments of the hospital that provide this assistance have been united into the Clinic of Cardiovascular Diseases.

Riga East Clinical University Hospital specializes in the following fields:

Emergency Cardiology (treatment of heart attacks, pre-infarction syndrome, acute heart rhythm disorders and acute heart failure);
General Cardiology (examination and treatment of patients with chronic heart failure and arterial hypertension);
Invasive Cardiology (invasive examination of heart coronary arteries (coronarography), invasive treatment of narrowing (stenosis) and blockage (occlusion) of heart coronary arteries with or without stent implantation, catheterization of heart chambers and large blood vessels, heart biopsy, alcohol septal ablation);
Arrhythmology (diagnostics and treatment of acute and chronic heart rhythm disorders, implantation, verification and reprogramming of all types of pacemakers, heart rhythm correction procedures (catheter ablation) in case of life-threatening and/or serious heart rhythm disorders);
Diagnostic Cardiology (electrocardiography, 24 h electrocardiography (Holter monitoring), 24 h blood pressure monitoring, physical load tests (including bicycle ergometrics), echocardiography (ultrasound heart examination), transesophageal echocardiography, myocardial perfusion scintigraphy, computed coronarography).

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