About the hospital

RIGA EAST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL is a multi-field medical treatment institution in Latvia that provides extensive diagnostics and treatment to patients, as well as carries out scientific research work and develops innovations, ensures training of young specialists and organizes activities for public education and health improvement.

In separate clinics of the hospital, in-patient assistance is provided in the fields where it is unavailable in other in-patient medical treatment institutions of Latvia, for instance, in the field of microsurgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, bedsore treatment, toxicology and sepsis, polytrauma, burn and frost-bite treatment, rehabilitation of victims of the national socialist regime, infant surdology, stem cell transplantation, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS treatment, and stereotactic radiation therapy for oncology patients.

The hospital comprises five clinical centres - Gaiļezers, Oncology Centre of Latvia, Biķernieki, Latvian Centre of Infectious Diseases and Centre of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases. The hospital  employs more than 4 600 specialists. Every year our hospital provided health care services for more than  70 000  in-patients and 300 000 out-patients. Total number of hospital beds is over 2 000

The hospital is the base for training of students of Riga Stradiņš University and University of Latvia. Training of future nurses is carried out as well. Theoretical and practical knowledge is obtained by residents and candidates for doctor’s degree of different specializations. Doctors and medium-level medical workers are trained at the work place in the hospital to master medical treatment and diagnostics methods, etc. Scientific research work is carried out in all in-patient departments.

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